Broadcast Services

Alo Communications Ltd provides Professional Broadcast Engineering Services. The following details describe our services. If you have any questions, we welcome and encourage you to contact us.

System Integration, Facility Design and Installation

We specialize in System Integration, Engineering Design and Installation. From start to finish, we can design your studio or transmitter facility, create configuration and wiring documents, build wiring harnesses and provide on-site installation.  Consulting We can help with the difficult task of keeping your facility legal, competitive and reliable. Each station is uniquely considered, based on the broadcasters desires, market size, economic conditions and return on investment.

Project Management

Project Management is necessary on most projects. Our Project Management services includes the following:
  • Perform needs analysis of the broadcaster
  • Determination of the budget available
  • Documentation of the necessary equipment and services
  • Development of a reasonable timeline
  • Coordination of work to be performed
  • On-Site Management during the course of the project
  • Review of project relative to scope previously determined

Contract Engineering

Our Contract Engineering Service is available in various levels of service. We can offer oversight or assistance to your personnel, or provide a complete service plan. We focus on MOI Compliance, maintaining reliability and eliminating problems through our proactive methods. Our Contract Engineering services includes (but is not limited to) the following:
  • Transmitter Site Inspections
  • Maintenance of Transmitters and associated equipment
  • Customized Logging System to track operation and maintenance work
  • Emission Measurements
  • Studio Site Inspections
  • Maintenance of studio equipment and other associated equipment
  • Digital System Maintenance
  • Log Review and Compliance ascertainment

Digital Audio System Installation

We have installed Digital Audio Systems in Bangladesh. These include AudioVAULT, Music Masters, Enco DAD and Axel Technology. Our experience is instrumental in a trouble free and timely deployment.